Accompaniment of the Daaras:

We Accept Any Donation

In its policy of support for Daaras, AHSE, through its network and partners, strives to establish a financial base for the construction of Daaras at the national level and to support Koranic teachers who devote themselves to education. and the supervision of the talibés.

Equipment of health structures:

We Accept Any Donation

AHSE has established partnerships in various countries to support health structures by supplying medical equipment in order to support and relieve populations.

Youth Financing: (Fight against poverty, illegal immigration and unemployment)

We Accept Any Donation

AHSE, through its international and local network, works to raise and collect funds with a view to creating a fund dedicated to financing their projects.

Training and Financing for Women:

We Accept Any Donation

In its vision of supporting women, AHSE works to facilitate training, financing and monitoring of their projects

Distribution of gift boxes to children:

We Accept Any Donation

AHSE is active with the support of its network of partners to offer gift boxes to children in support of parents

Youth and children section:

We Accept Any Donation

Organization of tea debates for the supervision of our children in partnership with resource people and structures.

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